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It was going to be a huge challenge for us to solve. Does your department accept payment via credit card? Does the Vestry or other authoritative body approve all restricted gifts and grants? Is the petty cash fund maintained in a safe or lockable cash box and stored in a secured place? Very difficult for a small nonprofit to accomplish due to the implementation of these controls an! With the implementation of the ACA, there is an intentional move away from fee for service to reimbursement based on quality, value, and outcomes. Attach a copy of the approval letter.

In such circumstances, the auditor must determine his or her responsibilities under AU sec.

Is equipment breakdown promptly reported and acted on? Do any of these organizations maintain their own checking or savings accounts? The LWDB has processes in place to communicate relevant and timely information to external parties. How do system implementations affect the internal control environment?

EPTA is currently updating this guide for later years. Is the petty cash fund reimbursed at least monthly? The auditor should focus more of his or her attention on the areas of highest risk. Other auditors can take the standard document and reuse it when performing audits in the future. Is there an adequate audit trail and reconciliation procedure for timely detection of shortages? The recorded accountability for assets is compared with the existing assets at reasonable intervals. As long as that information is current, security SMEs will not need to do as much heavy lifting with responding.

User requirements and user acceptance testing. Are they kept in a safe or fireproof cabinet? So why then have many internal control programs not kept up with the times? Are vendor invoices and travel reimbursements controlled in such a manner to prevent duplicate payment? All the gaps pertain to appropriateness of user access in the application and are logically related. Office on the monthly deposit register?

If your parish has a Trust Fund or Restricted Fund, is the documentation on file which specifies its restrictions?

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