Panic Bar Installation Instructions

That the Shoots do not foul the floor or head.

INSTALL TOP LATCH AND STRIKERemove top latch cover and mounting bracket from top latch assembly. How to install a latch on a metal door Decor Hogar. Center wear strip on strike as shown. Are door silencers required for fire rated steel doors? Shoulder Stud Bolts on both Active and Inactive Stiles. Drive knurled Shoot Tube End Plugs into the cut ends of the Shoot Tubes. Whether it swings, rolls, slides, uses a curtain of air or RFID technology, a Jamison door is built for performance. Article is closed for comments.

Check latches and other moving parts for binding or sluggish operation due to dirt or chemicalbuildup. Wireless Manual Call Point for temporary environments. Check your local code for proper height. Prepare holes after lock side of device is mounted and hinge side is leveled. Check device operation for smooth operation periodically. Once the top rod is in the proper position, adjust the bottom rod. If the panic bar is too long for the panic shield, cut the panic bar down to the size needed for proper installation. Remove the hex wrench extension located below the dogging cover plate, which is held in place with a magnet. Keith, sending to your email now!

HOLD BACK DEVICE Where provided this device is fitted under the mechanism operating arm, which enables the shoot bolts to be held in the withdrawn position, allowing the door to be used as a free access.

Place battery bay into handle the bar panic bars installed to lock are now installed by flashing or for exterior key role in both carriage bolts. ORDER OF ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION INTRODUCTION. Reference illustrations shown below. The request is badly formed.

Check device operation by pressing on the push bar to retract the latches and pressing the deadlocking plate to extend the latches several times. Slide one Shoot Tube Guide on to each Shoot Tubes.

This allows the trim to be unlocked at all times. Telephone jacks are visible beneath the open cover. In this case, you should choose a door lock that is compatible with a panic bar. Bottom of Door from this line REV.

Chek that th oeratng ore hae ot hangd igiianly ro the opeatig ore eorde when originally installed. Ensure surface is clean of dirt, dust, or oils. Install end cap bracket and end cap. Minimize handling when applying and use pressure to burnish label to surface. Remove exit device chassis cover from the chassis assembly. Insert bottom strike into anchor and secure with a machine screw. Now that your exit device is installed on the shield, you are ready to install the panic shield and exit device to the gate. Prepare the frame by cutting out the holes and installing the mounting brackets as described in the template.

When the door closes, and the top latch engages with the top strike, it releases the holding mechanism and allows the bottom latch to fully extend. Completly integrated in the SALTO Systems platform.

Nowadays, coded pull stations are very rare and almost never seen in working fire alarm systems. Nylon Insert Lock Nuts included with the panic shield. Your panic shield is now installed. Make sure bottom latch finished floor, strike, or threshold. We will never share your information with third parties. We will also cover various functions that can be changed in the field. OUT DASH MONITOR MOUNT The Dash Monitor Mount bracket system requires two or three main parts that are sold separately. We do not deal with arrays.

Slide the rod connector into the newly drilled end of the rod and line up the hole in the rod connector with the hole that was just drilled into the rod. Place the panic shield on the inside of gate. Secure with two screws provided.

Listed below cylinder option and panic bar installation instructions accessory to the salto systems. See trim instructions for pull side door preparation. It is helpful to predrill pilot holes. Use a hammer to tap the provided spring pin into the hole until it is fully seated. Use template or dimensions from template to mark hole locations. These ixing instructions hould e arefully ollowed uring installation. Note: Adjustment teeth are provided on bottom strike for fine tuning the bottom strike distance from the door face. No matter what what lock you choose, installing the panic bar itself properly is integral to its good functioning. Service you can count on.

PA, Jamison is excited to offer detailed instruction in servicing and installing Jamison doors. Turn key counter clockwise to release dogging. All of our products include a warranty. Advise general contractor and other trades accordingly. TION INSTRUCTIONSRim Cylinder Lock Operated Panic Latch. This aluminum exit device is designed specifically for heavy use. Yates and Felts makes finding installation templates for your exit device hardware easy since we list them all here! Template aligns as shown.

NOTE for security, the Dome Head Screws must be inserted from the rear face of the Mechanism Body. Torx driver, remove the four outer bed bolts. Remove LH and RH tail lamp access cover. In case of a fire or other emergency situation, safe egress can actually save lives. Fit the past, or hand motion to pull, comes with cutouts. Place battery cover over the batteries and mounting plate. Check that there is a secure connection between the rod and rod connector. Joy has been involved with various technology changes during that time, and has been educating the market through the evolution of products and technology. This emergency hardware system is perfect for aluminum doors and features special rods to accommodate the hollow body of the door frame. Fence contractors, installers and wholesalers find a diverse selection of fence gate hardware and accessories here at DAC Industries.

Attach exit device onto pivot stile and lock stile of door with fasteners provided, as indicated below. Prepare and install screws through two strike slots. There are no user serviceable parts inside. Install the inner lever and tighten the to the nylon plug. This will keep your gate from closing past the strike jamb. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS CRL JACKSON P PANIC EXIT DEVICE crlaurence. For safety purposes, nothing should inhibit egress or keep occupants from opening the doors in case of an emergency. Push Pad Panic Latch Cat.

HINGE SIDEOF DOOR STOPEND OF RAILPACKINGBLOCKTOUCH BARRAIL PINDEPRESS TOUCH BARTO CUT TO LENGTH. Mark and prepare mounting holes per template. Hampton Products International Corporation. Double doors with mullion or double door strike do not use a standard backset. The resource requested could not be found on this server! Remove the top rod and lengthen it by the required number of turns. Allegion plc and its affiliates and third parties selected by Allegion, including newsletters, updates and promotions. Inserting key in cylinder and reversing direction of rotation will release dogging feature, locking the door. Jamison team will do what it can and is allowed, to protect the health of our employees while taking care of the needs of our customers. Mark and drill holes as shown on template for both top latch bracket, hook, and strike.

Installing marked panic bars, as in the image above, satisfies both of these requirements at once. Support area for Von Duprin installation instructions. If you are human, leave this field blank. If there was, they would evacuate the building and call the fire department. Dimensions are from centerline of housing mounting holes. Fasten pinion gear retainer to centercase using retainer screw. Fasten bottom end of top rod onto actuating block on exit device chassis. Output Voltage Test: Under normal load conditions the DC output voltage should be checked for proper voltage level. Quite simply, we offer the widest selection of industrial doors to suit just about every imaginable application. Mullion applications for resistance against forced entry while maintaining life safety codes only require adjustment teeth are wired fire. Tilt the top of the pull side lever mechanism outwards so that the cylinder setscrews on the side of the mechanism can be loosened. These coded pull stations were much bigger than modern pulls and had a code wheel in them.

Any products which, in the opinion of Openings, have been modified, repaired or altered in any way without the express writtconsent of the Company. Insert hex key and turn clockwiseuntil it stops. Is excited to offer detailed instruction in servicing and installing Jamison doors.

If the door operates smoothly and easily, install the balance of the screws and the nylon hole plugs. Undog the device and trip the top latch bolt. First Choice Building Products, Inc. Check for a secure connection between rod and rod connector. Sign up for easy DIY tutorials, product giveaways and discounts. Attach the end cap to the end cap bracket using the supplied screws. For double door sets with rebated meeting stiles this panic latch is suitable WARNING REVERSIBLE PANIC LATCHopening doors. Since the LBR does not use a bottom rod, the hole plug will block off this hole from debris or tampering.

He is experienced in assembly, technical support, product development, demonstration and training. Make sure retaining ring fits securely intogroove. See dogging description and chartbelow. Remove retainer screw, pinion gear retainer, retractor, traveler and pinion gear. Sargent Manufacturing Company, an ASSA ABLOY Group company. For starters, they integrate very well with contact sensors. Check to ensure the panic device and lock are functioning correctly. Building strong partnerships with suppliers in both the United States and international markets, we produce the highest quality products at competitive prices. It is becoming increasingly common in the UK and Europe for wireless MCPs to be used in temporary environments such as construction sites. Disconnect the top rod from the actuating block and rotate the rod counterclockwise, which will shorten the overall distance.

As a result, they often are entirely analog, bypassing any electronics, and opening the latch directly. Secure with a small screw on each side of the cover. Place each lever in the lock position. With the NL drive screw installed, key retracts latch bolt. CRASH BAR TO TOUCHBAR RETROFITEXISTING HOUSING MOUNTING HOLE. Shut branch circuit power before installing or servicing equipment. This within these instructions. STANDARD DOGGING PIN Assembly No.

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VERIFY DOOR WIDTH WITH BOX LABELFOR CORRECT LENGTH. Measure door opening and cut device. Drill a Your EDGE PANIC SHIELD KIT should now be installed and working properly. Philadelphia Hardware Group, Inc.

Card and SALTO A wire free fully stand alone electronic access control solution, which provides a high technology and cost effective system for emergency exits.


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It is incredibly straightforward: push on the bar to open the door.


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